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Wee hours of the night.

My head is racing with all these thoughts in my head. It is two in the morning in New York City and my mind refused to calm itself to sleep. And, so I write.

I hear the cars pass by making a solitary noise then it fades into the background. Everyone else is asleep, I am sure. Except me. There are moments when insomnia hits and I can’t even blame my coffee intake during the day for it. I blame the neurons in my brain for keeping me awake at night.

What is it with the silence of the night that can be so intriguing? Maybe because during the waking hours, our physical bodies are awake and you’re being pulled in every which way by responsibilities that you forget to take a break. Then, the sun sets in the horizon and when every man is tucking themselves to sleep, that is when your brain wanders to a fairy tale; a sort of day dream, only at night. It can be a positive outcome. Sometimes, thoughts turn into nightmares. It really depends on how you’re feeling. You fight your inner demons at night hoping to come out a victor. Sometimes, you just surrender to slumber waiting for another chance on another day.

Night and its solitude.

It can be a good thing. It is where I collect my thoughts and recharge. But, sometimes, my thoughts are too active at night. It’s hard to have all these feelings and thoughts bottled up. So that is when I wake up the next day needing my coffee fix for not sleeping enough.

Let’s just say, the sandman never showed up.

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