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Friday or Friyay?

There is such a thing as a “Friday” and a “Friyay”. It depends on how you say it and what you are feeling. But, mostly how you are feeling at that time.

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Today is a “Friyay” kind of day. My week started off stressed and tiresome; due to mostly managing my adult life and my children’s life as well. Being a single mom can be a pretty tough job but I seem to manage just so fine. So, I guess I am doing a satisfactory job. But, there are times when I just want to rest my head on my soft pillow and never get up. To just lay there and stare at the ceiling and do absolutely nothing. But, as a busy mom, myself, I can’t afford to just sit there and stare at the ceiling when two tweenagers are constantly calling your name and asking what to eat and do (because they are bored without their gadgets).

But today is a less stressful day. Because I get to get off work earlier and rush home before the kids get home. There is an hour interval of peace and relaxation. And, most importantly, I am in a particularly good mood today. Also, my kids did not drive me crazy today.

We did not go out because it’s Good Friday. I take pleasure just staying home and resting from the hectic week behind me. Doing nothing is just the therapy my body and my mind needs. This also gives me an opportunity to blog in my me-time while the others are doing their own thing.

Music also helps me relax. I have to have music while cooking, cleaning, blogging, even reading. I listen to most genres. Lately, I am into love songs, whether it be an oldie (but a goodie!) or a recently released song. I am a romantic so I enjoy being “serenaded” to. 🙂

This may not be your type of music but it does have sweet lyrics to it.

Please sit and enjoy. And relax.

Everyone deserves to enjoy some me time on this fine Friday.

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