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    And so here I am planning a spring travel with the kids. The boys are pretty much homebodies now and would rather stay home than walk to the nearest grocery store. This is pretty much my usual conversation with one of them:

Me: You guys want to walk to (insert a place near our area)?

First born: What will we be doing there?

Me: look around and maybe buy something.

Youngest: Can I just stay home, Mom? 

Me: You’re stuck in the house all day. You need exercise!

Youngest: But, I don’t want to go out.

First Born: *Meh*

Me: Ok, that is it!! Change clothes and lets go out. Now. You don’t walk with your mother. No play time for the afternoon (meaning game time).

Both: *grunts* 

    I must admit that the boys always have a hard time catching up to me while we walk outside especially when we stepped inside the mall. They hate going with me because for some reason I walk down every aisle. Yes, I am one of those women. But, when weather permits, we would drive to the park. By then, they don’t mind because they can either skate or play soccer while my partner and I jog around the course.

    Tweenager according to Google translate means “a preteen or a young teenager”.  And, since they are a year and few months apart, they are practically in the same level. Do not get me wrong, my kids are good kids but sometimes, they can be trouble. I consider myself a strict mom and I always explain to them that I am doing two jobs as a parent so they have to cut me some slack. If I am a mean mom, that is because you have done something I did not approve of. Who else would discipline them? They are in the age where they understand ( well, I hope they do!). But, they are showing the signs of what is called self-discovery. And, that can be a pretty scary thing sometimes for a parent. You only hope and pray to God that they don’t mingle with the wrong group. I always tell them the pros and cons of things. Sometimes, I do not sugarcoat. It is best to hear it from their own mother than hear it from someone else.

    I remember being that age too. I’ve had my fair share of insecurities and doubts. Half of the time I am trying to “find myself”. My parents were a strict bunch. I was always home reading and sometimes playing with toys (because in my timeline, gadgets were not in or have limited access to it). So, when I gave birth to my own children. I would like to incorporate the strictness of my parents with education but yet in a way lenient at the same time that they don’t have to hide things from me. I would like them to open up to me when they need me.

    I may have been a young mother back then but I already know that I have always wanted kids. It’s just in my case, my blessings came way too early, at a tender age of 21. I have no regrets, though. I want to direct my kids to a more better path than I’ve had. Sometimes, I lose my patience and I scold them but that is part of being a parent: The Ups and Downs of Parenthood. These boys will really test my patience half of the week. But, being a tween is really a start of their adventure and discovering things. And, hopefully, in guiding them to a better path and would stay there.

   Tweenager years are basically the puberty years. So, you would imagine my conversations with my children already. It has, at one point, given me anxiety because it was too sensitive of a topic. But, I know I am the right person to discuss with them about it.

    I just hope they don’t grow up too fast. I am still enjoying them while they are this young even if I want to pull my hair in every direction.

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