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Summer lovin’ starts now.

Disney Castle by: Lindsay J. Haynes

Yes. The title is correct. Although it is only Spring here in the United States, I am already planning a summer getaway with the FamBam group. We decided instead of our annual camping summer getaway, we are going to Orlando.  The earlier we purchase the tickets, the cheaper. And when it comes to traveling, the best rates are always the cheapest. This will be the first out-of-state outing of the group and I am excited for it to be honest. I already scouted for plane tickets and I have found an awesome deal online. I am just waiting for the rest of the crew to agree on the times so hopefully we can all go there together. The lodging is free, which does a great deal for the bucks. Nowadays, having vacations can really rip your pocket (if not, two pockets!) in half. Especially summer vacations are the most expensive. The kids are off from school by then and I want to take them somewhere nice this year. It’s like a reward. They have done so well in school and I have been so busy with work. So, this is mostly for them and to spend more quality time with these t’weens. They are not getting any younger, only older by the day, so I want to take that time where they are young enough to enjoy my company until they become way too old to spend time with me. haha.

My goal starting now is to-

  • Confirm with everyone the dates and times of departure and arrivals.
  • Purchase the cheapest tickets we can find online.
  • Scout some discount tickets or if anyone knows someone where I can get a discount for at least one of the parks.
  • Budget the money (how much to spend and where to spend it on.

Probably, right now the most important one is to book the flight and then budget the money. Because once you budget everything, the rest is pretty much a breeze to plan. Being a that kind of person where I jot down in a what I call a “planning notebook”, I make a bullet lists of what to bring and what to do as far as agendas are concern. I am aware that half of the time, the bullet agendas doesn’t get followed most times, at least we have an idea of what to do so we don’t miss anything (and regret it later!).

I am as giddy as a 5 year old kid! I haven’t been back to Florida is such a long time after we moved back to New York City. It’ll be hot but there is always the pool to cool yourself. Win-Win!


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